Thursday, 5 October 2006

I used to run...

...a Real Madrid website. If you've been online for a while you may even have seen it. It was hosted at but don't try looking for it; I stopped updating it on the 10th anniversary of its inception, back in January 2005.

Back in 1995 the web was young. Sources of information were (relatively) scarce and dispersed and I tried to provide all things for all people: up-to-date news, results, squads, history. Ten years on there seemed little point. Almost everything I had lovingly hand-coded was available on slicker, commercial websites; a one-stop-shop took too much effort and didn't really add anything.

So why come back to it? Because I think there's always room for opinions rather than just facts. And because the blogging medium is intrinsically collaborative. I don't intend to censor comments on this site (all opinions have a right to be heard), and there's nothing quite like a good debate, although I reserve the right to remove anything unnecessarily offensive or defamatory.

It's your chance to get involved. If you write regularly and well, I will be more than happy to give you access to post your own articles.

So what do you think?


Boston Strangler said...

wow, i used to love that site and was wondering what happened to it...just stumbled on this blog yesterday and i love it already! Great job! Is there any chance you could upload the page with the historical players you had on that site. I loved looking through the players that were previously on Real Madrid

Gonzalo said...

Hi Boston Strangler, thanks for the comments.

I still have all the files stored away somewhere - it's more of a question of time than anything else these days, but I may start adding them onto the site bit by bit (they need translating as all the files were originally in Spanish).

You may also want to check on Wikipedia, as a lot of the player info seems to be up on there these days. That's partly why I started the blog: pure information is relatively easy to find, opinion tends to be somewhat more unique...

Monter said...


Maybe I shouldn't post here since this entry is old, but I couldn't resist it man :-D
Unbelievable. That is one of the oldest RM sites on the internet, as far as I know. I used to have it in my "favorites" folder, but honestly I've not checked it for a long looong time.

I second that, I think adding some of the old page's content here would be a nice move. Though it might serve your purpose, which is all about opinions. I agree.
Best of luck, Gonzalo.

P.S: what's up, you've not posted for a days now?