Wednesday, 18 October 2006

Press reactions to Bucharest game

Marca front pageA victory which lets Real Madrid breathe somewhat more easily in the five days leading up to the 'big game' at home to Barcelona is viewed by the Spanish press from a number of different angles:

The Catalan sports press is at pains to point out the weakness of the opponents: El Mundo Deportivo says Steaua proved a "good friend" to Real by fielding their "school playground goalkeeper", while Sport says Steaua proved to be "very soft" opponents, letting Capello "take a breather" before the Barcelona game. They're also the only ones who saw some disunity in the side, mentioning Guti's dissatisfaction when he was substituted by Beckham with 20 minutes still to go.

A more balanced view can be seen in the 'regular' papers, with El Mundo and El Periódico both pointing to Capello's "common sense in fielding Robinho on the left wing", enabling him to "awaken Real Madrid". El País agrees that "Capello finally discovered Robinho" and calls the game "therapeutic".

The Madrid sports press is its usual bombastic self - it's either a disaster or a glorious victory, with As comparing Europe to a "faithful lover" that "comes to the rescue when times are bad" and a real classic from Marca which defies translation but here's my best attempt: "A defeat in Dracula's homeland could have sucked the blood of more than one [Real player], just before the Barcelona vampire visits the Bernabéu". Pulitzer, anyone?

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