Tuesday, 17 October 2006

Real denies report of Capello's resignation

Fabio CapelloReal Madrid's sports director, Predrag Mijatovic was quick to pour scorn on reports that Fabio Capello had offered to do a Luis Aragonés and resign following the team's defeat at Getafe on Saturday. "That is untrue. Nothing of this nature has been talked about. It's totally made up. Fabio wants to do everything possible to solve the team's problems at this time and to resign would be cowardly. Capello is not like that; he is a winner and will push forward with his project for Real Madrid."

The report appeared in last night's Maracaná '06 TV programme on the Spanish "cuatro" channel and appears to be the type of unsubstantiated guff that a large proportion of the Spanish sports media (both print and broadcast) peddle on a regular basis to drive up viewing or redership figures. If true, it would make Capello look like an idiot, someone who couldn't manage the players' egos. I can believe that of other managers, but Capello's prior experience at Real and other clubs is proof that he does not tolerate indiscipline. He was incensed at the team's attitude on Saturday and is more likely to bench half the squad than to walk away.

Nonetheless, there is growing pressure on the Italian to deliver. Should results go against him tonight in Bucharest and next Sunday at home to Barcelona, expect the reports of 'crisis' to grow louder. Real president Calderon's stated wish to leave the running of the club to the technical experts would be sorely tested.

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JJ said...

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