Wednesday, 11 April 2018

Stats Corner: Real Madrid vs. Juventus

Previous Head-to-head Results

Champions League - Quarter Final11-Apr-2018Real Madrid1-3Juventus
Champions League - Quarter Final3-Apr-2018Juventus0-3Real Madrid
Champions League - Final3-Jun-2017Real Madrid4-1Juventus
Champions League - Semifinal13-May-2015Real Madrid1-1Juventus
Champions League - Semifinal05-May-2015Juventus2-1Real Madrid
Champions League - Group Stage05-Nov-2013Juventus2-2Real Madrid
Champions League - Group Stage23-Oct-2013Real Madrid2-1Juventus
Champions League - Group Stage05-Nov-2008Real Madrid0-2Juventus
Champions League - Group Stage21-Oct-2008Juventus2-1Real Madrid
Champions League - Last 1609-Mar-2005Juventus2-0Real Madrid
Champions League - Last 1622-Feb-2005Real Madrid1-0Juventus
Champions League - Semifinal14-May-2003Juventus3-1Real Madrid
Champions League - Semifinal06-May-2003Real Madrid2-1Juventus
Champions League - Final24-May-1998Real Madrid1-0Juventus
Champions League - Quarter Final20-Mar-1996Juventus2-0Real Madrid
Champions League - Quarter Final06-Mar-1996Real Madrid1-0Juventus
European Cup - Last 1605-Nov-1986Juventus1-0Real Madrid
European Cup - Last 1622-Oct-1986Real Madrid1-0Juventus
European Cup - QF Play-off28-Feb-1962Real Madrid3-1Juventus
European Cup - Quarter Final21-Feb-1962Real Madrid0-1Juventus
European Cup - Quarter Final14-Feb-1962Juventus0-1Real Madrid



Borris @ said...

nice stats man. This shows that Juventus and Real Madrid have had tight matches in the past. I remember how Juventus used to mark Zidane and Ronaldo with 3 defenders when Real Madrid were known as the galacticos.

Hoctro said...

Myself a Real Madrid fan (and also a Juventus fan - or rather a football fan of famous clubs - and who aren't? :-), I'm so happy that you've sucessfully added my latest "Related Articles" widget to your blog, so football fans can see more of related topics. thanks for leaving the credit link on your blog. Cheers!!


Anonymous said...

Too disgusted to comment on Tuesday's performance, eh? Perhaps they believed the media hype that Juve was in 'crisis' and thought that a sub standard La Liga performance would carry them through. What is patently obvious is that the level of La Liga and what is required in Champions is light years apart.
Why did Schuster leave De La Red on the bench??!!

Anonymous said...

I don't think we'll ever beat them in Italy. :(

Anonymous said...

And yeah. Why isn't De la Red playing these days????

emy said...

What is patently obvious is that the level of La Liga and what is required in Champions is light years apart.

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