Monday, 18 December 2006

Fuentes denies Real link

Eufemiano Fuentex fax to Real MadridEufemiano Fuentes, the doctor at the centre of a row involving allegations of blood doping of football players has sent a registered fax to Real Madrid denying any relationship between him and the club or any of its players, and that he has a tape of the conversation with the reporter that was published in Le Monde which can be used to verify this. A similar statement has been posted on the website for Real Betis, one of the other Spanish clubs implicated by the French daily. Of the other two, Barcelona has already stated its intention to initiate legal proceedings, while Valencia has decided to take the matter no further.

Real Madrid also reported that it has received a response to its request of Le Monde to publish a full retraction of its allegations and that this should be forthcoming in the next few days. It remains to be seen whether Real will proceed with its intention to take the matter to court once a retraction has been published.


mega montana said...

cadena ser is saying we got gago for 18.5 million euros

Gonzalo said...

Looks like they may have been a little premature, although there's a good chance it could happen today

mega montana said...

isn't the spanish press always premature?