Monday, 11 December 2006

Setback in Seville

Raúl rues another missed chanceA stunning goal with 13 minutes on the clock by Javier Chevantón turned the tables neatly on a Real Madrid side who have been propped up towards the top of the standings due to ther effectiveness in finishing off their few chances.

To be fair, the game ended up being far more entertaining than previous efforts so far this season, and it is perhaps not that disingenuous of Capello to comment that "a draw would have been fairer". But then again, there have been a few instances this season where Real took all three points in matches where one would have been more equitable to both sides.

David Beckham's early-ish cracker of a free-kick did not cramp Sevilla's style, and the Englishman won't be happy that his contribution, after starting a league game for the first time in a couple of months, was eventually wasted. Barcelona goes off to Tokyo to fight for the Intercontinental Cup with a four-point cushion as we enter the crucial stage of the league championship where there is no Champions League distraction and every point counts.


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