Wednesday, 14 May 2008

Who will play on Sunday?

Real Madrid president Ramón Calderón gave his support to the Levante striking players in a radio interview, describing the situation as "sad, because the players have shown professionalism, honesty and dignity playing a great many games when they had not been paid. They have beaten sides who did not have those worries and they have all my respect, affection and support and that of Real Madrid".

He also hinted at possible alternatives should Levante not field a side for the last game of the season on Sunday: "we will look for an alternative, although we would prefer that Levante's problem was solved and that they could play. We are looking at options. At the moment only the Portuguese and English leagues have finished. We want the fans to be able to enjoy a football match. We have to be realistic. If those who can solve the issue have not done so by Friday, a solution looks difficult. However, we have not spoken to any other clubs."

Marca reports that the end of season finale will include the usual fireworks and light and sound extravaganza, with the added promise of an equestrian display and Raúl will once again pretend to be a bullfighter (sigh). On Monday, the team will fly out to Saudi Arabia to play in a testimonial for Majed Abdullah, Al Nasr's legendary striker. There is some controversy surrounding the game, as women are not allowed at Saudi football matches, potentially affecting any travelling Real Madrid directors, fans, wives and girlfriends. After that commitment is satisfied, the players will not be required to return for preseason training until July 20th.

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