Friday, 12 September 2008

Liar, Liar

He's been called President Pinocchio, Tourettes and Motormouth (that last one's mine), but if there has been one person on Ramón Calderón's case since he became Real Madrid president, that is José Antonio Abellán, a journalist and presenter of the popular late-night radio sports programme El Tirachinas. His recent tirades have proved too much for old Ramón and he has decided to take the pesky journo to court for lies and slander.

Abellán has certainly found a rich mine in Calderón's frequent escapades in front of the various media, often without seemingly thinking through what he was going to say first. Early in his presidential stint, Calderón announced that Real Madrid had signed a massive TV contract with Catalan production company Mediapro, but he couldn't get his figures straight. Initially worth 800 million euros, he added an extra 300 million to the sum less than a week later.

The non-transfers of Kaká, Cesc and Cristiano Ronaldo, plus Robinho's move to Manchester City have been covered to death in recent summers, so I won't recap them here, except to say that whatever he says one week, he denies the next, and then he contradicts himself again... and again.

Most recently, and what the president seems to have taken issue with, Abellán has accused him of fiddling the waiting lists of season ticket holders in favour of friends and acquaintances. If and when this goes to court, the thought of Abellán giving evidence must have every journalist in the land slavering at the mouth. I can't wait.


J.C.V. said...

HI gonzalo, do we exchange links?

eres de España?

finally i find a good real madrid blog in english.

Take care...

miccy said...

I agreed that Calderon is a liar, infact i love fiorentino perez more :p

Gonzalo said...

JCV, I've added your site to my blogroll - feel free to add mine to yours ;)

Sí, soy español - saludos

b.p said...

Whatever happened to that tv deal? Is it for next season?

Gonzalo said...

b.p - the TV deal with Mediapro is current. However, because Mediapro is in dispute with AVS/Sogecable over the broadcasting rights for all the teams in La Liga, the situation is complicated and hard to follow unless you have an in depth understanding of the legal arguments (and even then...)