Wednesday, 24 January 2007

Salgado feels the net closing on him

Overrated right back Michel Salgado, under the guise of speaking out in support of his 'estranged' colleagues, said that it was "harmful to the squad having three players kept apart" and that the players are unsettled by the situation at the club with the postal vote and the various judicial proceedings: "there's going to be problems soon and that creates a feeling of uneasiness at the club".

What he didn't say is that he's probably hoping that Calderón loses control of the club, and that this is extended to Capello, so he has a chance of getting back in the squad. Lately he has been marginalised by the performances of Sergio Ramos in his post (Ramos started the season in the centre of defence) and in the last game, where Ramos got injured, the manager put Torres on as right back, and the youngster responded well enough for most commentators to suggest that Salgado's days are also numbered, particularly when Cicinho makes his comeback from long-term injury.

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