Tuesday, 3 June 2008

Robinho Voted Player of the Year

The readers of All In White have voted, and their verdict is that Robinho has been this season's most valuable Real Madrid player. The results, based on the total votes collected throughout the season on a month by month basis, show that Robinho received 65 out of a total of 394 votes cast, or about 1 in 6. Despite this, recent reports have linked Robinho with a move to either Chelsea or Manchester United, the latter as a possible player exchange for Cristiano Ronaldo.

The top three Real Madrid players were:

  • Robinho - 65 votes
  • Casillas - 62 votes
  • Raúl - 53 votes
Robinho was also the only player in the whole squad to receive at least one vote every month between September 2007 and May 2008, showing that he is consistently well regarded by voters, even though his form dipped in the run up to the end of the season. Robinho also won the monthly accolade twice during the season: in November and March. The Player of the Month awards are listed below:

Of the 25 players in the squad, only three received no votes: Salgado (no surprise there), Codina (who only played one game all season) and Balboa (whose chances were more restricted in the second half of the season, when more votes were cast). The results for the whole squad were:


estoverao said...

well deserved, the readers of your blog are no fools, unlike Madrid management who think they can get away with disrespecting Robinho by offering him up as bait to Manchester for Ronaldo and attempting to erase his contributions to winning the LA LIGA title this year.

realmadrid200708 said...

I'm not really surprised. Those three were definitely the top three players for us last season. If Robinho is sold, like speculated, it'd be the worst thing to happen to the club at the moment. I hope the President keeps his word and doesn't go for Ronaldo.
And I'm totally for Salgado or getting any votes. Also, I thought Raul would've given stiffer competition to the top two along with Guti.

Gonzalo @ All In White said...

Well, like any vote, it's not without its flaws. Just like a 'man of the match' award tends to favour those who have scored the goals over those who have made other contributions, the way the votes on this blog have gone reflects that to some extent (though Casillas getting second place shows that his contribution this years has been once again incredible). Still, I think the numbers are largely fair, if somewhat biased towards forwards and midfielders over defenders.

I'm open to suggestions on how to run the vote next season; I need to balance something that shows fairness to the whole squad, with something that most visitors will find easy to participate in (nobody is going to enter player ratings for every game, for instance)

Brian said...

In college they give awards for both player (which like you said is almost always midfield or attacking) and defender of the week, month, etc...

Just a suggestion for next year

Although I was glad to see St. Iker make it a close second to Robinho.