Tuesday, 4 November 2008

Calderón claims Florentino abandoned Real Madrid

Motormouth Real Madrid president Ramón Calderón took advantage of an interview on the financial TV channel Intereconomía Televisión to announce the club's general assembly will be on December 7th and to criticise former president Florentino Pérez for leaving the club.

"He is the only president in the history of the club who left half way through a season. The only one to abandon the club, leading to four presidents in the space of six months. The only president who spent three years without winning a trophy. It would be very hard for him to have to explain all that", Calderón said, alluding to the rumours that suggest Florentino may stand at the next presidential elections, which will take place by 2010.

Calderón added that Florentino left not through illness or other problems, but "because the team wasn't winning. It would be very hard for me to have to say that face-to-face to a person whom I helped so much to become president. I am proud of having helped him, but he hasn't behaved well towards me".

He once again showed his anger at recent accusations that he was using the club's money for personal purposes. "A Real Madrid president cannot spend every single day denying whatever the press decides to publish, but this time they went too far. They manipulated information to say I'm a thief, and attacking the club's honour. I have not spent 1000, or even 600 euros of the club's money. I've worked 30 years as a lawyer with some success and I've managed to pay off most of my mortgage".

Commenting on the radio journalists who first published the reports on his show, he added "I would not meet Abellán (who published the reports on his radio show) face to face because I prefer to spend my time with human beings. Based on what I hear him say, he cannot do what he does and have a human heart. It's impossible for anyone to have that much evil inside them, that much bile to pour on me".

The Real Madrid president also came out in defence of coach Bernd Schuster, who has been the target of recent criticism by the media for his sometimes erratic behaviour at press conferences. "He is a great guy, but it's not easy to have to face 30 or 40 journalists every day. It would be perfect if he was really friendly with the pres, but I'd rather have a coach who does his job properly".

Calderón could not help weighing in once again into the recent spat with Manchester United manager Alex Ferguson, with some unnecessary ribbing at the Scotman's expense. "He's a little bit envious of Real Madrid's nine European Cups. He realises that he won't have time to reach that figure. When I said he was a bit senile it was a bit of a joke to try to show how unimportant the words of a man who looks like he is jealous of a great club with the kind of success he hasn't had"

He was a lot kinder in his words towards rival club Barcelona. "When they play well I enjoy it like any other football fan. Envy is a ridiculous feeling; you have to admire those who do their job well".


Anonymous said...

"he is jealous of a great club with the kind of success he hasn't had"

Take that Fergie you loser with your pathetic two Euro Cups!!

Anonymous said...

Yeh... 'that'll show him!' LOL

If anyone still had any doubts as to whether we were any good surely the Juve game put paid to that. Real Madrid were very second rate against an average Juve team.

If they continue yakking about 'La Decima' in the Spanish press I think I will have a coronary. We look very very very bad.

Nevertheless it's easy to blame poor form on people like Drenthe, who are foreign, young, inexperienced and relatively expensive.

Only today in As (Madrid newspaper) they were lamenting that Guti's through passes weren't enough to topple a strong defensive Juventus.

Give me a break.

Gonzalo said...

caracoleo - couldn't agree with you more. Of course, anything can happen in football, but it's hard not to think that the season is heading for a wash-out.

The thing that puzzles me is the massive contrast in our defence since last season, given that we are playing pretty much the same line-up at the back.